About Moments with Mom

“Only a Mother can feel so many contrasting emotions at once. The moment you find out that you are pregnant, you are ecstatic but also scared. The first little steps brings you joy and sadness. Everyday is a step closer to the last day of a rocking baby, the last night in the family bed, the last football game…” – Stephanie van der Merwe (Founder/Creative Mind)

At Moments with Mom we want to make these moments even more special with our products. That is why our products are uniquely designed and handcrafted with motherly love. Our products range from babies up until the age of seven.

When you are buying one of our products, you are buying more than just a piece of clothing or a toy. You are buying hundreds of frustrating hours of failed attempts and experiments. You are buying moments of pure joy, when the perfect results were achieved. You are not buying a mass produced item, you are in fact buying a piece of the artists heart, part of their soul, a moment of their life. Most importantly, you are buying us more time to do what we love – THANK YOU!

What makes us even more unique is the fact that each product created helps to uplift and create job opportunities in a rural part of South Africa.

Moments with Mom is about changing the lives of those in need by using their talents and creating not only job opportunities but also business opportunities, for them.

To be cast into the sea of motherhood can be lonely and challenging.
Let us help make your motherhood experience a little less overwhelming

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Stephanie van der Merwe – Founder & Creative Mind

“As a mother I want to savour every moment, to remember everything, the happy and the sad, the love and the pain. Motherhood is comprised of all of these moments.”

Stephanie van der Merwe is the founder of Moments with Mom. She has always been a creative spirit, but never imagined she was going to be involved with designing children’s clothes in Limpopo. But as every mother knows, kids change everything about you and how you think.

“I grew up on the small farm town Dendron in Limpopo. I went to school here, but could not wait to get my degree in Communication and go work in the field of Corporate Communication in Cape Town. That was my dream.

“But life had other plans for me.

“At the end of my first year studying at North West University I fell in love with the guy I had a high school crush on – CT van der Merwe! Needless to say, I never followed the bright lights to Cape Town, but came back to my roots in Dendron with CT. He took over his family’s farm and I am the woman behind him.

“But just as much as I am the woman behind him, he is the man behind me. I’ve always been creative and love designing and making things. So CT inspired and motivated me to start my own business after our kids were born. Quite the challenge keeping in mind that we now have three kids under the age of six! And I’m only 29!

“This then, also explains why I started Moments with Mom – designing children’s clothing. I love everything about it. My favourite part of the whole process is to sit with Michelle and Karin, my partners, thinking of new opportunities and ideas for our business.

“We are extremely blessed with Moments with Mom and in our lives. But the most valuable lesson I have learnt however is that ‘…but by the grace of God I am what I am and his grace to me was not without effect’.”

Stephanie’s favourite things:

  1. My family! They are my absolute driving force.
  2. To push myself out of my comfort zone – that’s the only place you can really grow.
  3. My mom’s food will always be the best – thanks Mamma!
  4. My favourite place in the world is our house. It is my safe haven where I can fulfil all my roles and responsibilities.
  5. Because we run and live a farm life, there is nothing as precious as rain. The smell and sound is like food for the soul.
  6. When I want to clear out my head I go running on the long and winding dust roads of the farm.